Hamlet: By the Lake

Created by Mighty Boards

Take your village building lakeside with this new expansion to David Chircop's Hamlet: The Village Building Game.

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Surveys are live! See you at SPIEL?
30 days ago – Wed, Aug 23, 2023 at 07:32:41 AM

Lovely Villagers,

Some news from our little Hamlet! In the coming weeks, we will start a final round of testing. We've already done extensive testing on Hamlet: By the Lake, but there are a few balancing tweaks we made that we would like to take a look at.  After that, our graphic designer Max will be preparing files for the factory for us to go to print. In the meantime, the sales teams will be soliciting the retail version of the expansion and will reach out to language partners for interest for localization. We hope to close these deals at Essen this year. We intend to send all files to print before the end of the year!

What happens now?

We can’t start this process alone. We also need your info! We have teamed up with the amazing BackerKit team to send you a simple survey in order to collect the info we need to fulfil your rewards and get you your copies of Hamlet: The Village Building Game and By the Lake.

The pledge surveys are being sent out today, so you should expect to receive the email by today or tomorrow. The invitation will be sent directly to the email address linked to your Kickstarter account. If you didn't receive yours, make sure to check your spam folder!

The Backerkit mail will include a link that invites you to finalize your pledge, add extra copies to make it a group pledge and pay for shipping.

The faster all surveys are completed, the faster we can commence fulfilment!

Note: If you have used an Apple ID login while backing this project, you likely won't receive a Survey invitation - Apple ID logins are know to bounce back our invitation emails; in that case, just let us know about this by sending us a DM on Kickstarter, or contact us at [email protected] and we can revert your email and send you the Survey.

Returning Backers

If you are a returning backer and used the same credentials to pledge in this campaign as you did in the previous Hamlet: Founders Deluxe Edition we will automatically add the Upgrade Kit to your order. If you – for whatever reason – have used another email address, just let us know about this by sending us a DM on Kickstarter, or contact us at [email protected]

Note: If you are a returning backer and you don't see the free Upgrade Kit automatically added to your order in the pledge manager, just let us know and we'll sort it out for you.

 Didn't back yet?

For those of you who missed out on the campaign, late pledges are open: click here for late pledges.

Group pledges

If you're interested in group pledges, these are available! Note that the Merchant's Pledge is only for Retailers with a valid business license. The Group Pledges are put under Group Pledges and are calculated as follows:

  • For a batch of 6 All-Ins (1 case of 6 base games + 6 expansions), you will receive the discounted shipping cost => Each backer saves from a minimum of €10 up to €45 - depending on your shipping zone.
  • For 12 All-Ins (so 2 cases of 6 base games + 6 expansions ), you will receive 1 All-In for free. Each case comes with the discounted shipping cost as well and you can save from €10 up to € 45 - depending on your shipping zone.
  • For 18 All-Ins (so 3 cases of 6 base games + 6 expansions), you will receive 2 All-Ins for free. Each case comes with the discounted shipping cost as well - as explained above.
  • For 24 All-Ins (so 4 cases of 6 base games + 6 expansions), you will receive 3 All-Ins for free. Each case comes with the discounted shipping cost as well - as explained above.
  • For 30 All-Ins (so 5 cases of 6 base games + 6 expansions), you will receive 4 All-Ins for free. Each case comes with the discounted shipping cost as well - as explained above.

And it continues like this.
    If you're interested in a bigger order (100 or more), please send us a DM and we'll sort it out. If you want an exact shipping rates breakdown, let us know your shipping zone and we can calculate how much each of you will save on shipping costs.

Having trouble?

If you lost your survey link, you can take these simple steps to recover it: Find your backer survey by searching for Hamlet: The Village Building Game and click on 'Find Project' button. Under the 'Lost your survey?' section, enter the email you used for the project. Press 'Get My Survey' button, and you'll receive another email with your survey link!

If you run into any survey related issues, you can reach out directly to the Backerkit team on [email protected]. They are very friendly and quick to respond!

For any product or shipping related enquiries or any additional questions, you can also contact us directly on [email protected]. We will always update you in a Kickstarter update whenever we have big news to shar

Thank you all for your continued support! Come join us on our Discord to share your gaming experiences and see what we are up to, in addition to all the updates here!

And make sure to follow us across Social Media channels (FB / Twitter / Instagram / Website) for more news as well!

By the Lake at SPIEL

Come play Hamlet with us at SPIEL! We'll be at booth 3L120 and are bringing Hamlet: By the Lake, Art Society and more!

Last year we managed to make Hamlet the hottest game on BGG's SPIEL preview list - all thanks to you! It was an amazing feat, and we beat out much bigger players and were able to highlight the power of a great community. As you know, the Hamlet community is really important to us, and we have done, and will continue to do a great deal to support Hamlet backers.

We'd like to ask if you would be up for doing another round this year! Hamlet: By the Lake and Art Society will make their first proper appearances at Essen 2023. Will you help us get these games to the top of the list as well? All you need to do is thumb our games on this page

It only takes 2 minutes!

We can't wait to see you in Essen!

Your support means the world to us,

Your Mighty Boards Team.

PS Here's a quick bonus selfie from our Gen Con booth!

Meet David (Chircop) and Dávid (Turczi)!

A free tile, 10% discount and a new game!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Jul 27, 2023 at 07:25:46 AM

Lovely Villagers,

No Hamlet news at the moment, as we're waiting for Kickstarter to process all data and we will let you know in August when the Hamlet pledge manager opens and you can finalize your pledges!

Something new...

We do have exciting news from Mighty Boards central! There's a brand new game coming to stores in November: Art Society!

Art Society is a brand new art collection game for 2 to 4 players with easy to learn rules. The game is coming to retail in November at $40!

In Art Society, you are an art connoisseur trying to impress your peers by putting together the most fashionable art collection of them all!

Bid on the hottest works of art, then arrange them on your drawing room wall into a tastefully curated gallery that’s the envy of the local art scene. But beware! Fashion is fleeting, and trends are difficult to predict. The paintings that you and your fellow collectors do not buy will eventually make their way to the museum, changing the worth of your collection. In the end, whose wall will be the talk of town?

Art Society comes with easy to learn rules!

Pre-orders now open + 10% discount and a FREE tile

Preorders are open now, and because you are the best backers in the world, you get also 10% off! You can use code HAMBACKER to get a 10% discount on your pre-order. This code is valid until August 2nd.

On top of that, we're offering you all a FREE special promo tile with your pre-order that you can use as a starting tile in the game! You might recognize this beautiful Landscape painting... ;)

Play it first at Gen Con

As you know, we will be at Gen Con this year! And you will be able to try Art Society! Head over to the event registration page to sign up for demos today! Tickets are going fast, so make sure to sign up for the games you want to play.

It would help us a lot if you can help giving Art Society some visibility at Gen Con and SPIEL! You can help us by liking the game in the Gen Con list HERE and in the SPIEL list HERE. Thank you!

Join the SPIEL demo team

Interested in becoming part of the Mighty Boards team? We're looking for demo-ers for Hamlet: By the Lake, Art Society, Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan and more at Essen SPIEL! Feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you'd like to join us :)

After Gen Con we will be taking a little summer break until mid-August. After that, we'll update you with news about the pledge manager and how to finalize your Hamlet orders!

Thank you for being the amazing backers you are. 

Your Mighty Boards Team.

7850 x thank you! What's next?
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jul 25, 2023 at 05:08:40 AM

7850 times THANK YOU! You have been absolutely AMAZING! We’re so happy to see this Hamlet grow!

It's been an amazing 2 weeks, but don't worry,  the end of the Kickstarter campaign does not mean that you won’t hear from us anymore! As we move forward to bringing this experience to your tables, we will update you on development, manufacturing and shipping!

What's next?

In *about 3 to 4 weeks* you will receive a  Backerkit survey link.  We need these weeks because Kickstarter has to collect all the money and data and import it into Backerkit, plus Mighty Boards is taking a little summer break! 

We will post an update once these Backerkit surveys go out in August. These surveys will invite you to finalize your pledge, add extra copies and add-ons and pay for shipping. In short, right now you don't need to do anything with your pledge.

Note: For those of you who have asked about the free Upgrade Kits, these will be automatically added to your pledge order once the pledge manager is live, so you will see them later-on.

Come play at Gen Con

Mighty Boards is going to Gen Con for the first time! You can find us at booth 366 and at demo tables 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Hall D - Orange!

We're going to Gen Con!

Since it's our first time there, we can use all your help to get seen. You can help by liking our games on the BGG Gen Con preview page and talking about us online! 

Missed the campaign?

Did you just get here or do you know someone who still wants to pledge? The pre-orders or late pledges are going live RIGHT NOW. We want to start printing Hamlet as soon as possible, which means we need to know the final order to give to the factory. 

A few more free pledges!

It's time to announce the winners of our BGG contests! BGG users Stormburns and Daniel Wolf you will receive your pledge for free, congratulations!

Stormburns won with "Tobi! To-bi or not To-bi that is the question!"
Daniel Wolf took some amazing Hamlet photos by a lake!

A note from the designer

”Hey guys! Look at that, what a round two! I just wanted to thank you for believing in my vision once again and in what we have in store for Hamlet for the future. I am super proud of the way we have managed to connect with the community and improve the game for everyone while still getting a bunch of new people onto the ship! I can't wait to bring Hamlet: By the Lake to life!

Going forward, I will fly to Gen Con next week (so feel free to stop me if you see me) and then the whole team will be on a short summer rest. Upon return, we will continue testing By the Lake and ironing out the last few kinks. Oh and I'm excited about something else we will hopefully be able to share with you soon later on in the week too!

And remember! If you like Hamlet, pop us a good rating on BGG! Its the easiest way to show your love and it helps A LOT."

 - David.

Stay tuned...

Again, thank you all for this amazing campaign! We love hearing from you, the community. So join us on our Discord to share your gaming experiences and see what we are up to, in addition to all the updates here!

And make sure to follow us across Social Media channels for more news as well! We do have some big news coming this week...


Your Mighty Boards Team

Meet Nessie! Last 24 hours...
about 2 months ago – Mon, Jul 24, 2023 at 05:00:15 AM

Almost 7000 of you with only 24 hours to go - THANK YOU!!

Surprise 4: Nessie Lake Tile

Early on when we asked for you to come up with names for the whale (fish?) in the Hamlet lakes, some of you immediately recommended "Nessie". Frankly we were slightly ashamed of ourselves that we did not think of including the great fearful monster of the the loch ness before. So as soon as we saw that, we set out to find a way to include it, lest we disturb it from its deep slumber and facing the absolute terror of it's wrath.  

So Max got working on it, and after a week or two of vivid dreams and hysterical hallucination, he was able to conjure it's perfect anatomical form, which we present to you with utmost humility today. 

This tile will replace one of the standard empty water tiles in Hamlet: By the Lake, and will remain KS exclusive. Look how cute!

A new lake resident...

Did you join the "name the fish" contest and named the lake fish Nessie? You have 24 hours to come up with another suggestion as we will announce a winner when the campaign closes!

Free pledge for one lucky Villager

You did it! You have unlocked all the stars of the Social Challenges! That means one more lucky backer gets a pledge for free... Kytte Burke check your BGG mailbox!

Didn't win? No worries, you still have 2 chances to win your pledge for free. Name the lake fish or post a photo of your Hamlet box by a lake. Good luck!

Last 24 hours!

Let's see how big we can grow our little Hamlet: By the Lake in these last 24 hours... You can help us by sharing the Kickstarter page on your socials, liking the pictures on BGG, liking Hamlet: By the Lake on the BGG Gen Con and SPIEL list, or just by talking about us to your friends and local gaming groups!

THANK YOU. Really, your support has been amazing.

Oh and we've got an exciting Mighty Boards announcement coming this week... Stay tuned ;)

The Mighty Boards Team

Solo Player Aid, Gen Con and your favorite Wallpapers!
2 months ago – Thu, Jul 20, 2023 at 06:09:25 AM

Lovely Villagers,

Your support keeps blowing us away! More than 5700 of you have decided to join us by the lake, thank you!

Surprise 3: Solo Player Aid & Guided Scenario

We know that quite a number of you also like to play Hamlet solo, and we haven't forgotten about you. We love what Nick did with the solo mode for Hamlet! When we set out to create it, we made a choice to have it be as similar to the actual Hamlet experience as possible. Now as you all know, Hamlet is an open ended sandbox game. In Hamlet there is no right way to play, and I designed the game to change, adapt and morph based on how the players interact with it and with each other. In many ways Hamlet becomes the finished game once you plug in the group, and the game can vary quite a bit in terms of how it feels based on the group who plays it. The emotions it creates mimic the group dynamic. 

Creating an AI bot for these types of games is NOTORIOUSLY difficult, almost impossible task. But Nick frankly nailed it. The only issue is that it can be a little laborious to operate, because of the complicated decision structure. Once you play solo a few times, this becomes second nature and very fast - but for beginner solo players and first time players, this can be quite overwhelming.

Solo Player Aid

We tried many things to help with this, but we found the best way to do so is a concise player aid. We have been playing with a prototype version of it, and its become a lot faster and easier to play. 

So, we're going to print this and add it to your pledges. It will be in the base game, and also in the upgrade kits! 

Solo Guided Scenario

Some of you might have seen that we have released some Guided Scenarios that help you learn the game when playing for the first time. In these guided scenarios, we take you through your first few turns of Hamlet, and help you to quickly learn the game. Through the actions of all players, by the end of it you should know all of the basics you need to get you going with playing Hamlet. 

So, on top of the Solo Player Aid, we will also release a Guided Scenario for the solo mode that makes your solo experience more accessible.

We hope you give the solo mode a try! Stay tuned for some more surprises next week...

Hamlet: By the Lake at Gen Con

Do you want to be among the first players to try this new expansion for Hamlet? We will be bringing Hamlet: By the Lake to Gen Con! Make sure to pop by Mighty Boards booth 366 or come play at demo table 9 in Hall D - Orange!

It really helps us if you could give our games a like on BGG. Hope to see some of you at Gen Con :)

Wallpaper kit and emojis

Some of you have been asking about the gorgeous art of Hamlet to use it as a wallpaper! We've prepared a little kit for you, so you can have Hamlet with you everywhere you go. You can download your favourite here.

We've also added a set of cute Discord emojis to our server! Which one is your favorite?

Look at these cute little Discord emojis !

And does anyone want to make a By the Lake microbadge for BGG? :)

Thank you for your support!

The Mighty Boards Team